Firm Philosophy

Understanding the Client’s Goals. Close working relationships with our clients enhances our ability to understand our clients’ businesses and needs, which, in turn, empowers our clients to make informed, proactive business decisions. Too often, time and financial resources are wasted reacting to otherwise avoidable disputes or to unanticipated changes in the law. By anticipating potential areas for problems before they develop, we consistently help our clients make sound, proactive decisions and avoid costly mistakes and disputes.

Competitive Advantage can mean the difference between survival and true success. Our clients want and need to focus on their businesses, not on time-consuming litigation. However, disputes inevitably occur. When they do, timely receiving the right advice matters. Armed with the proper information and tactics, our goal is to obtain timely, favorable resolutions. These results are best achieved through thorough preparation. If an acceptable negotiated solution cannot be reached, our attention to detail enables us to present your case forcefully and convincingly, which enables you to continue to concentrate on growing and operating your business.

Commitment to Service and Reliability. Only by truly understanding what the client desires to achieve in any given matter can an attorney provide valuable, responsive guidance that will assist the client in reaching its goals. But, first you need an attorney that responds promptly to you. No one should ever have to say, “My attorney does not return my calls!” Because we know that service begins with listening and understanding, frequent and open communication with our clients is the rule, not the exception. We are accessible to our clients at all times.

Reliability means that in every instance you are assured that every matter you entrust to us is handled with confidence and competence.